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    Data pump and XBRL

    Aggie_Mike _

      has anyone used data pump to create XBRL output - possibly using an XBRL translator? Any experiences with XBRL transformation software?

        • Data pump and XBRL
          Olly Bond

          Hello Aggie_Mike


          Thanks for raising this - we've sort of seen XBRL over the horizon but haven't needed to address it yet. DataPump's got a component VorteXML which can generate XML output that conforms to a DTD, but the desktop VorteXML Designer is a little limited (can't handle PDF input etc) so in practice you might need to prep data in Monarch before feeding VorteXML with a clean fixed width text output.


          But once you have fairly simple input data (no multiple footers but you can have multiple appends) then it's just a question of mapping elements. I've not had to automate a VorteXML process in the server version but I do know someone who's done this in anger for some large clients - please do email or PM me if you'd like more info on that.


          Please do keep us posted - I'd be interested to hear how you get on!


          Best wishes,