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    PumpAPI problem

    javacafe _

      I have a simple app in VB.NET with a function to kick off  process in data pump as below:


      Private Function startProcess(ByVal sProcName As String) As Boolean

              Dim strTrackingID As String = String.Empty



                  ' Start the process

                  strTrackingID = PumpAPI.StartProcess(sProcName)


              Catch ex As Exception

                  Throw ex

                  Return False

              End Try

              Return True

      End Function


      It returns Tracking ID but process didn't start; Check jobs queue and there's no pending job at all. I notice that the "DispatcherProcess" is running (in Task Manager) when calling this function. We have Monarch DP v.10.5 running on Windows server 2008 64 bit.  (This app is running fine in DP v.9 on Windows server 2003 32-bit)


      Any help/suggestion is appreciated.