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    Automating Monarch - Exporting Summaries

    Staceypouncey _

      I am writing a batch file to automatically open Monarch, open the text file, open the model, and export the summaries.  My problem is I don't know the command(s) to use so that the batch will export all of the summaries.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?


      The batch commands shown below export only one of the summaries, there are 3.


      "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /rpt:"G:\Monarch\Text Files\Summary P&L CM.txt" /mod:"G:\Monarch\Model Files\Summary P&L Group Report.xmod"  /S  /exp:"g:\monarch\excel files\Summary P&L CM" /expfileopt:overwrite

        • Automating Monarch - Exporting Summaries
          Olly Bond

          Hello Stacey


          With Monarch Pro, it would be easy to define a project export for each of the summaries and then the batch file would simply be:


          Monarch.exe project.xprj /pxall


          Does that help, or are you stuck with Monarch Standard?


          Best wishes



            • Automating Monarch - Exporting Summaries
              Staceypouncey _

              So how do I write the script? As you see below, I have included all 3 project files in the script, is that right?  Also, how should I write the export command?


              "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /prj:"G:\Monarch\Project Files\Summary P&L CM Summary Info.xprj"   /prj:"G:\Monarch\Project Files\Summary P&L CM SG&A.xprj"   /prj:"G:\Monarch\Project Files\Summary P&L CM Overhead.xprj" /set:"test"="true" /exp:"G:\Monarch\Excel Files\Summary P&L CM.xls" /expfileopt:overwrite[/code]