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    Variable length sample text

    MacA _

      I am working with a report where the detail lines per group varies and if I try to make the sample group lines to fit that largest sample lines then it picks up some from the next group.  Here is an example (note there is *** between each grouping):


      123  James Jones


      Date Paid: 06/15/2011   Gross:  1,500.00   Regular Pay    1,200.48

                                                                Overtime Pay      45.22

      Check DT: 06/16/2011                            Personal             25.44


      Date Paid: 06/29/2011   Gross:  1,600.00   Regular Pay    1,401.56

                                                                Overtime Pay     145.22

      Check DT: 06/30/2011                            Personal             45.44

                                                                Sick Pay           134.23

                                                                Shift Diff            45.23  


      If I only select the first 3 lines from the first detail for my sample I do not get the last two lines of my second group.  But if I select 5 lines for my sample I pick up regular Pay twice for the first group.  I have tried doing just one which works BUT I need to distinguish each group by the date paid and one some of my records I get check date in the field when I do that as another header or append records.


      Any suggestions?