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    Issue with saved Monarch Project & Model

    EricK _

      I'm new to the forum and relatively new to Monarch, so forgive me if this doesn't make complete sense...


      I'm taking over an assignment that was set up by a coworker using a Monarch project to process and export a report using a specific model. The way it was set up, I'd open the project, it would prompt me for the location of the report, then prompt me for the location of the model. It would do what it needs to do & I could then export it to an Excel master file.


      Somewhere along the line, it seems that a session(?) was saved, or the model(?) was resaved and now, rather than prompt me for the location of the report & model, it loads last month's report. When I try to open this month's report and go to export it, the filters are gone. There are a lot of filters, and I'm not sure I have the knowledge to rebuild them, so I'd like to somehow revert whatever changed.


      BTW, this is only on my computer - the other computers I've checked this on, it still prompts for the locations of the reports & models. We actually use this for two different assignments/reports & both are not working correctly on my computer. The reports, projects & models are saved on a shared drive.


      Please let me know if this is an easy fix and any specific directions you could provide are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

        • Issue with saved Monarch Project & Model
          Olly Bond

          Hello Eric,


          You can check what happened in the Audit Trail - this is the File menu, then under Project and Model Information. Exports would be defined in a project (as would the location of the report and the model) and the filters would be defined in the model file.





            • Issue with saved Monarch Project & Model
              adonis _


              is this saved on your network path?  if not then makes it a bit tougher if its local to your computer only.

              if it is on the network, you could do a .snapshot or other historical component to look up previous versions to that path and get the monarch xmod and xprj you are referring to, otherwise like Olly said, you can try the Audit process.  do let us know how things go.

              be safe