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    ***Check out the new Monarch Special Interest Groups***

    Gareth Horton

      Hi all,


      We have set up a few [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/group.php?do=grouplist"] Monarch Special Interest Groups[/B][/URL] on the forum to help Monarch users who are using the same systems or are in similar industries to get together and exchange ideas.


      We have set up a few groups to kick off with, but some of you have already created groups on your own, such as Meditech[/B] and the LPS Mortgage Servicing Platform[/B].


      We have the following groups set up:




      Oracle Applications



      And for verticals:



      Financial Services

      Manufacturing and Distribution[/B]


      Just click Join to join a Group and you'll either be part of the Group immediately, or there will be a delay until your request is moderated, depending on the Group's settings.


      You are free to create your own groups too.


      To access the Groups, simply go to the "Community" menu option in the forum navigation bar and choose Groups (or click on "Monarch Special Interest Groups" at the top of this post).





        • ***Check out the new Monarch Special Interest Groups***
          joe.lovati _

          Can you add a link to the special interst groups on the main Forum site, it being in a sticky is kind of hard to find.

            • ***Check out the new Monarch Special Interest Groups***
              Grant Perkins

              Hi Joe,


              I think you will find a couple of useful options in the menus under the tabs for 'Forum' and 'What's New' at the top of the Forum window.


              The 'Forum' tab sub-menu has a 'Quick Links' option that provides, amongst other things, a direct link to Groups functionality.


              The 'What's New' tab has a menu option for 'New Group Messages' that could also be of interest depending on how you wish to interact with the group(s). These are automatically maintained so no additional administrative effort required to watch for and generate specific links unless something particualrly interesting needs to be highlighted.


              Does that help?




              It would be really good to see this sort of specialist interaction expand and maybe a wider promotion of these forum features would help with that.


              As a note to all ....


              From other experiences with similar opportunities I have come to the conclusion that it takes a person or a small group of people to take on a mentoring role via the 'Group' to make it buzz. Sometimes it requires a little persistence to get it off the ground.


              Anyone who would like to take that on should feel free to do so. It can be a very rewarding activity in many ways.