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    Calling Access 2007 Macros from a Script

    Jim Weeks



      A number of my MDP processes call pre-process scripts that use a .bat file to run macros in Access 2007 tables.  That has worked well....until this weekend!  Now the scripts are hanging up with the macros.  I can run them directly in Access.  I can execute the .bat file and it runs fine.  I have re-compiled in DP and run the test and it returns "True".  Of course I can't actuall see it run when its running in DP so I can't observe what might be happenening.  It is happenening in virtually all of the scripts that call Access macros so its like something in Access or MDP has changed. 


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Jim Weeks

        • Calling Access 2007 Macros from a Script

          For me it is usually accessing a mapped drive letter instead of UNC paths.  Try loggin in as the user who Data Pump runs in as, unmap any network drives, and try to walk through the process manually.  Look for an error message that pops up.


          By the way, when you call your .bat file from a script make sure you return false if it times out, and send a notification to yourself.


          You should also check the task manager to see if you have any hanging MSACCESS threads that need to be killed.


          Your macros do have a quit at the end to close Access at the end, correct?  You set warnings to be off at the beginning of the macro?


          One other thought - with Access 2007, do you need to log in as the user and change the securities so Macros are enabled? 


          Just a few ideas.