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    irregular date format to filter through

    troutwater _

      Greetings to all,


      I am new to Monarch and am using 10.5. So my more difficult question will have some very easy parts.  I got a log file with over 2K pages with data from about 2007 through to current day.  What I need is data after say about 03/1/2011 (first_day).  I want to export it to Excel and keep say about a year's worth.


      I have set up header and footer templates.  I want the header to skip down to first_day before picking up data.  In the header I want to filter off the date that look like this:

      "... Tue Apr 12 12:00:00 2011 ...".  I can leave the "Tue" off easy enough but the time is stuck in the middle.


      I've seen the


      So my steps maybe should be:

      1. Establish/create a date to filter on

      2. Create filter to look at headers > first_day

      3. Create export to Excel for sharing and archiving (my users can just about manage Excel viewing but that's it)


      I've done a small amount of VBA coding with lookups, moving, sorting data and arrays but I am not a programmer, so don't throw me a high hard one. 




        • irregular date format to filter through
          Olly Bond

          Hello Rod,


          Welcome to Monarch, and to the forum!


          You can select/reject data from your report in two places - in the report window by setting traps in your templates, or in the table window by creating formulae expressions.


          In this case, it sounds like you might be best off trapping all the data, including the older records you don't want, in the report window.


          Then, once you move into the table window, you can define a filter so that it excludes anything with a date earlier than .


          Trapping in the report window is based on literal, wildcard and NOT traps, and doesn't let you specify a range of values to capture.


          In the table window, there's not much limit to what you can do with filters.


          Hope this helps,