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    Question on Error Message

    crazzi _

      Recently upgraded to V10.5 due to issue with Adobe V9 and importing a PDF file into Monarch V9 Pro. Now able to be imported PDF Report into Monarch but when the template previous created in V9 Pro is used receive this error:


      "Failed while Importing PDF File (path for report)"....


      In looking at Help...get the same info as when having issue of importing PDF report...


      Is it necessary to now create a new template using V10.5??

      I can do this but want to see if it is really necessary to have to do.


      Thanks for your help....

        • Question on Error Message
          Data Kruncher

          By the sounds of it, your only option is to create a new model for that PDF using v10.5, but there are a couple of things that might help speed things along, depending upon the complexity of the initial model.


          First, open the PDF file with v10.5, but don't open the existing model. Have a look at what Monarch has been able to acquire from the PDF file, and then set out to build a new detail template, except that you want to import the detail template (and then any other templates) from the last model. Make any necessary adjustments as things may have shifted a bit here and there.


          Then import other elements of the model, such as calculated fields, filters, sort orders, and such, that might have been employed in the last working model.


          That ought to get it working more quickly than building it all from scratch.