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    EXCEL.EXE process hangs

    Laker Netman

      We are running Monarch Data Pump on W2K3. We have an issue where the pump opens an Excel workbook (version 2007) that executes an auto-open script which opens another workbook, executes a lookup, updates a couple of columns, then saves and closes the workbook that it opened, then closes itself. This is to prep additional reporting steps.

      Short version: Excel is not completely closing. I can see Excel processes still in memory and periodically have to kill them off (I just scripted this process to relieve the pain of doing it by hand).

      The original script was created by one of our users. He simply recorded a macro and set it to run automatically when Excel opened the first workbook. When the problems started, I googled some possible solutions. One was to change how the script (macro) starts using Application.OnTime Now,subName (where subName is our macro). That didn't help. So, I converted the macro to a standalone vbscript outside of Excel. The problem I have run into with that option is issue with late binding of the Excel object (opening the workbook to be updated) and some others. I just haven't had time to pursue that option further.

      So, here are my questions:

      1) Has anyone else seen this issue?

      2) If so, have they resolved it?

      3) Is there a current document outlining the restrictions and options with vbscript embedded in data pump processes?


      I don't believe there are any problems with permissions. The data pump runs in a user context that is an administrator on the local machine and that user has all the necessary permissions to the files being touched.