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    Pre and Post Scripts

    Laker Netman

      Within a project, do the actually project steps begin after the script completes?

      Within a process, do additional project steps begin executing before a previous project's PostExport script completes?


      We are running into, what appear to be, timing issues between project outputs and inputs, where the input file to another project is being massaged by a vbscript. The project to receive the file after the script completes if failing due to an input file being locked.




        • Pre and Post Scripts
          Olly Bond

          Hello Laker,


          The Advanced tab of the Process Properties lets you configure the process so that if the pre-requisites are not available, the process will retry n times at y seconds interval. Would that help overcome the issue?


          Best wishes,



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              juliejz _

              I'm not sure the process pre-requisites retry will help, if it doesn't check the following.  Do you have your process properties set to multiple projects per job?  If yes and you are still running into this problem, could you instead of having a post project script, set it on the next project as a pre-process?