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    Convert Positive to negative

    Bradl Vogl

      I have a field I/C (Credit or Invoice) in a sales journal

      There are COST and RESALE fields as well

      The data displays a positive number for each number, regardless of it being an Invoice or credit.


      I need to do something like:


      If I/C is C, then COST and RESALE are inverted to negative.


      Any thoughts?




      Brad Vogl

        • Convert Positive to negative
          Olly Bond

          Hello Brad,


          This sounds like a fairly straightforward calculated field. In the table window, click on Data > Calculated Field, click on New, select Formula-based. Call the field "CORRECT COST", define the type as numeric and select the appropriate decimals and formatting.


          In the Formula tab, something like:




          should work. You can then hide the old COST field to keep the table tidy, and repeat for RESALE.


          Does this solve the problem?


          Best wishes,