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    Filter Doesn't Save with Model

    jbvinny _

      I have created a Model for a coworker to use.   The model has a filter on the table and then a summary.   When I send the model to the coworker the filter is not included.  However, it is included when I open the model on my PC. I know I could just recreate the filter on the coworkers PC but it is fairly lenghty and I would rather not. 


      Anyone have any ideas? Is the filter not saved as part of the model? If not, then why does the filter still present on my PC?

        • Filter Doesn't Save with Model
          Data Kruncher

          Hey, long time no see!


          Just to be clear, is the problem that:


          A) the filter exists in the model that your coworker is using, but activating that filter on that computer returns no records when looking at all of the data, the filter should be returning records? And if so, does the same model return records on your computer using the same data set? Or is it more simply


          B) Looking at the list of available filters, the filter that you want to use doesn't appear in the list of all available filters.


          Regardless, the filter should definitely be saved as part of the model.