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    Help needed to capture text

    Chickenman _

      I have a busy RMA report where the need is to extract customer info and associated comments. No problem trapping the date line but having difficulty getting the Comments section to behave.


      MYCOMPANY                           RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION LISTING                          2/15/11    7:04:48  ASAR005   

      USER W000001001                               DATES:  1/01/07 TO  2/14/11                                               PAGE:     14   

      ISS. DATE CUSTOMER NAME                       RMA #    TELEPHONE #    EXT                                    CONTACT                      S/N     PRODUCT      INIT    

      1/04/07  CUSTOMERNAME                    50922   (999) 333--9999999   GILBERT LASTNAME                          PRODUCT      MXX    

                               ENGINEERING WILL BE CHANGING THE LFF FOR THE AIRFLOW, CHEST, AND ABD                                          

                               CHANNELS.  DELIVER UNIT TO MIKE THEMAN.  UNIT SHOULD BE FORMALLY                                            

                               TESTED AFTER CHANGE.                                                                               

      3/23/07 RR#266926/LH 3/23/07                                                                               

      1/04/07  CUSTOMERNAMEHERE           50923   (999) 888-8888        Bxxxx LASTNAME                      D8XE          DDG    

                 COMMENTS:     WON'T COMPLETE BOOT UP - FLAT RATE ADVISED                                                                               


      010507 RR# 267035/NLM 010507 REC'D PRODUCT SN# 9999999                                                                               

      W/(4) 9992 & (2)_IHV1 MODULES INSTALLED                                                                               


      010807>>NOTE: REC'D RPT INCORRECT THERE ARE (4) 9992                                                                               

      (3) 9991 AND (1) BLANK PANEL INSTALLED ...NL                                                  



      010807>>EMAIL DD METHOD OF PAYMENT?              ...NLM                                                                               


      010807>>DDG SENT EMAIL TO BJK 010507-CUSTOMER W/FAX IN PO#   ...NLM                                           

                               1-13-07 - I CALLED AND TALKED TO BXXXXX. HE SAID HE WOULD HAVE THE SECR                                        

                               ETARY FAX IT ON MONDAY MORNING. HE WAS SURPRISED IT HADN'T FAXED YET                                          



      01/16 REC'D FAXED PO.   PO# 99999910               ...BJK                                                                               

      01/16-I NOTICED PO IS FOR $0 (NOT $0.00) DDG IS TRAVELING. WILL                                         

                               SEND HIM A EMAIL ANYWAY-BUT WILL HONOR THE $0 ON PO.   ...BJK                                              


      01/16-BRAIN W/HAVE SECRETARY FAX IN AMMENDMENT TO .00  ..BJK                                              



      011707>>REC'D REVISED PO# W/CORRECT AMOUNT $0   ...NLM                                                  

      1/04/07  CUSTOMER                             50924   (999) 999-9999  130   JOE LASTNAME                                         DDG    

                 COMMENTS:     -                                                                               

      032007 RR# 268230/BJK 032907 REC'D (2) PHS & SAMPLES P# 14076999                                              

                               PHS EVAL-NORMAL WEAR-3/30 ISSUED CREDIT AGAINST INV# 999999414.  BK                                             

      1/04/07  CUSTOMERNAME                  50926   (999) 999-9999        CYNTHIA LASTNAME                       KEY           JBF    

                 COMMENTS:     WHILE MOVING EQUIPMENT, THE PRODUCT KEY BROKE OFF.  SENDING A NEW                                             


      SW - NO CREDIT DUE                                                                               



      Predictably, records bridge pages as you see in this sample which is the tail end of a record from the preceeding page.


      Appreciate any help as I am now in mental shutdown having stared at this for a while now. :mad: