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    Monarch Pro 10.5 question

    chickenjoy _




      Could you help me find a utility that will parse a large txt file that has multiple reports for Monarch Pro


      For example:


      I have a large text file (txt) which is provided by my host that has 680 pages


      First report is contained in page 1 thru 280 which is my target report (provides detail cardholder debit transactions)


      Pages 281 thru 680 has the remaining 6 or more reports with related but not the targeted data


      As a result trapping becomes very difficult in that the data is similar but unrelated to the information needed in the first report


      I have used Monarch Report Explorer and a prf file can be exported to a txt based on page range ("pages from XXX pages to XXX")


      Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



        • Monarch Pro 10.5 question
          Data Kruncher

          I'd be tempted to just use Monarch to break up the large document into smaller documents.


          Quickly build a single line detail template without traps and paint a single field named ReportLine which goes from one side of the report to the other so as to capture every column.


          Build two runtime parameter calculated fields, FromPage and ToPage, and hide them from view in the Table.


          Build a Page Number filter with:

          Page() >= FromPage .And. Page() <= ToPage /CODEand export from the Table window to a text file using the Page Number filter.


          Who says that Page() has no practical value in a filter expression?


          Edit: Be sure to go into the Options and turn off the choice to export field names.