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    Need a Refresher on Blank Lines

    BThurber _

      I have a PDF report for a detailed AR aging that generally puts a blank line in between each invoice. Also, when payments are posted they do not line up in a consistent fashion in order to be easily trapped. The end result I want is to have detailed invoices and payments by customer; all aged in the appropriate aging bucket. Can someone give me a quick refresher on how to accomplish what seems to be a simple task? Thanks!

        • Need a Refresher on Blank Lines
          Olly Bond

          Hello BThurber,


          The floating trap might be helpful, or the variable-width multi-column region depending on the data. The inconsistent line spacing is a bit odd, but depending on how many lines each detail record needs you might not need to worry about that.


          Can you paste a page worth of sample data by copying and pasting from your report window between CODE tags? Or by all means drop me a line with the PDF if it's data you can't share in the forum.


          Best wishes,