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    Problems with Windows 2007 and Monarch 10.5 and Monarch 9

    LeeAnn Gill



      As we get new PC's at our institution we are using Windows 2007.  Some of our users have Monarch 9 (Network version) and two of us have 10.5 standalone versions.  We are having issues when trying to open projects between the different systems.  When linking to excel spreadsheets in Windows 2007 it says that the data is corrupt.  However when I open same project with 10.5 and XP it works fine.  (The windows 7 users are all Version 9 users).


      Are there compatibility issues for Monarch and 2007?  My concern is that all of my projects are used in Monarch 10.5 on XP and if my computer is replaced to 2007 my projects will all need to be rebuilt.  We can change a setting in the export options to make other projects work for the 2007 users but we can't freely open different projects on different PC's.  Could the problem be that some are network and some are standalone or is it the Windows 2007/XP difference.


      Sorry if I didn't explain it well. 


      Thank you,



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          Data Kruncher

          Hi LeeAnn,


          You'll want to [URL="http://www.datawatch.com/_support/contact_tech_support.php"]contact Datawatch directly[/URL] on this one, as I don't believe that Monarch v9 is "officially" supported on the Windows 7 operating system.


          Monarch v10.5 is certified for use on Windows 7, but based on comments posted here by other users I'd stay away from the 64-bit version for systems on which you intend to run Monarch. Edit: if you're using more than a dual core processor, as noted below.


          FWIW, I've not yet used Windows 7. Others of course may post other ideas to help you resolve your problem.



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              elginreigner _

              We currently run 10.5 pro on a windows 7 64bit machine without complications. However, my main machines I run Monarch 10.5 pro on is Vista Business 32bit or 2003 Server 32bit.

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                  Joe Berry

                  I have several clients who use both XP and Windows 7.  I have used v9, v10 and v10.5 on XP and Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit interchangeably.   I use Windows 7 64 bit for all of my development and have had zero problems.  I have seen a posting here about systems with more than dual cores and Windows 7 64 bit, but I have all dual core systems so I can't comment on that issue.   

                  I use stand alone versions for development and for my clients.

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                      Data Kruncher



                      Good point about Windows 7 64 bit specifically on systems with more than two core CPUs, as that seems to be causing difficulties at the moment.


                      That was what triggered my concern about the 64 bit o/s, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly why at the time.

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                          bcdsupport _

                          Hi Folks, 


                          It seems the issue may have to do with how Monarch builds the internal FAT table?  A little Googling came up with some more information on this issue as described here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2411912[/url]


                          I don't suppose anyone from Monarch can tell us if there are any plans to address this?  Right now I have clients who are dead in the water and cannot use Monarch on their Windows 7 and Server 2008 PCs.  I have a Dual Core 64 bit machine and I cannot open the Excel files they sent me for testing without getting the message "The document is corrupt and cannot be opened...".

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                              Nigel Winton


                              I had similar problems with 'corrupted file' and bad links. I got around this by converting all my exports to Windows 2007 .xlsx and using .CSV exports for any files I was going to use as a link file. We were getting this problem on XP on Dual Core 32 bit machines, but it only started after we upgraded to Office 2007. Since the export change we have had no problems and the exports run quicker.





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                                  Scott Eshleman

                                  Here's my response to the Windows7, multi-core, Monarch 10.5 question posed by elginreigner in another thread originally:




                                  I've still had no issues.   Please note that I also share many of my Models and Projects with another user running standalone Monarch 10.5 in Windows XP with Office 2003. 

                                  I will note that I also tend to use UNC paths versus mapped drives when referencing reports and building models and projects that will be shared on the network drive.

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                                      elginreigner _

                                      I have a machine running Win7 64bit, Monarch 10.5 pro with a Q6600 quad core. Except as stated in the previous post Scott has linked, the machine runs perfect fine. The only issues are large files for me which is why I use a 32bit machine for those.


                                      Leeanngill I'm assuming when you say 'Windows 2007' you are refering to Windows 7. You stated your are on v9.0 on the 7 machines and 10.5 on XP. I would also recommend getting the same version on the 7 machines. It's hard to compare if the software used is not the same version.


                                      I run office 2007 on all the machines here without issue. There are many factors that can affect this that are outside of Monach's scope. It could be missing system updates, it could be missing Office updates. What version of .NET framework do you have installed? Do you have mutliples installs on the win7 machine?

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                                          LeeAnn Gill

                                          Hello.  I didn't realize there had been an update.  I am running NET 4 framework.  I did try the project on a 32 bit machine and that worked.  I may have my IT department change me to the 32 bit machine and see if that works.  The other issue that I get is that when exporting to Excel, multiple versions of my network drive get mapped.  It's the same drive just with 4 different names.


                                          Thanks for all the info.

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                                              Scott Eshleman

                                              I will preface my post by saying that I have been one of Monarch's "Raving Fans" since Monarch for DOS ver2.  

                                              At this point in the game, for whatever limitations Monarch 10.5 may have had running on Windows 7, I wish that I had not[/U] upgraded to Monarch 11 (32-bit to match my MS-Office Pro Plus 2010 32-bit). 


                                              After downloading and using the Monarch 11 Trial successfully alongside my Monarch 10.5 implementation on Windows 7, I decided to buy the upgrade at the discounted introductory pricing.  What a mistake.

                                              While I had no issues within the limitations of the Trial, the full version crashed constantly and after a very short time, eventually crashed immediately after displaying the Splash Screen. 


                                              After multiple emails back-and-forth with Support (and to Sales, too), multiple attempts to uninstall/reinstall version 11, I finally determined that there is a defect in interpretation of the contents in the Preferences.xml file.

                                              After I deleted the Preferences.xml file, Monarch opened without issue.  If it wasn't a 'structural issue' with the XML file itself, and if any of my preferences could have been suspect,

                                              I wager that it was the DEFAULT REPORT FILE TYPE, the DEFAULT DATABASE OR EXTERNAL LOOKUP FILE TYPE or the DEFAULT EXPORT FILE TYPE. 

                                              I had set each of them to the '*' wildcard. 


                                              I do not seem to be able to reinstall version 10.5 on this Windows 7 PC having purchased only Monarch Upgrades since my last full installation purchase of version 5 and cannot recall how I was able to install 10.5 on it previously.  


                                              Subsequently, I have installed the 11.1 patch and the frequency of crashes has lessened, but my confidence in Monarch 11 seems irreparably damaged. 



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                                                  Grant Perkins



                                                  It seems that the requirements for software technology to move forward are creating some serious challenges when developers attempt the updates.


                                                  I have an old friend whose rather stable web based developments can and have been be de-stabilised by unannounced and undocumented changes at core levels in the tools he uses to develop his applications. He is lucky, perhaps, in that it just costs him a lot of his time to find and fix the problems. His business model tends to be to run bespoke version of his application on behalf of his customers so he retains both control and responsibility.


                                                  On the other hand another of my favourite applications - nothing to do with report processing or anything BI oriented - faced the same step up with its Java development tools. After 2 years and a lot of staff shrinkage they finally closed the doors a couple of months ago. I guess just too much of the new technology and its development tools simply didn't work as expected.


                                                  I have no idea whether those tales have any relevance to your experiences but it does seem that the rush to new technologies - driven by the major players in the development tools arena it seems - may be causing some anguish from time to time across the board. My opinion is that things will stabilise and improve quite quickly but it may take a little while for  troublesome aspects of new developements to be fully diagnosed and corrections applied at whatever level the corrections are required. It may need to be something handled by the core developer rather than the tools and user application creator and who knows what sort of time scales those guys work to?


                                                  Interestingly this very point was made to me, entirely unprompted, just last weekend by someone with a long lifetime of experience in the depths of software development for a major corporation.


                                                  We may find such matter impinging on our lives from all sorts of directions in the next few years as the new 'tools' grow in importance. Hopefully there will be some positives along the way and the intermediate developers will come up with methods to bypass the problems. Sooner rather than later would be best of course.


                                                  No idea if any of these observations apply to V11 but, from what I have seen from elsewhere, I would be surprised if there have been no surprises or hidden special challenges ...

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                                                      Scott Eshleman

                                                      Well said, Grant.  I couldn't agree more.  In time, my issues (mental & technical) will[/I] addressed to my satisfaction.  I'm sure of that.  (I have to be.)

                                                      ...and I do[/I] sympathize for the hardware & software developers out there and the state of the artist having to race to market or to keep up with the Jones's.  They have to work with the tools available to them...just as I[/I] do. 


                                                      I fear that also is the cause for some of my trepidation with regards to Monarch 11.  Can or should the underlying technology on which it is built be viewed as objectively as Monarch 10.5? 

                                                      In my mind, Monarch 10.5 has over 10+ years of development & testing behind it.  Can the same be said of Monarch 11, if the technology & framework has fundamentally been replaced? 


                                                      Some would say, in the end, the new Coca-Cola formula couldn't live up to Coke Classic...

                                                        • Problems with Windows 2007 and Monarch 10.5 and Monarch 9
                                                          Grant Perkins

                                                          Some would say, in the end, the new Coca-Cola formula couldn't live up to Coke Classic...[/QUOTE]


                                                          Hmm, good point.


                                                          But what seems to be happening in the world of computing is that hardware decisions (chip design and so on together with 'cheap' and plentiful memory and storage) are influencing middleware decisions (along with the ever expanding influence of things 'internet') and making most of the older software tools obsolete.


                                                          The analogy may be more like what container is Coca-Cola sold in. Sure you can still find it in the old style bottles and some other glass containers around the world but my guess is that most of the volume is now retailed in aluminium or plastic ... unless there are places where bars are still moving huge quantities via mass vending multiple selection 'taps'. Not so much a flavour change  - more about discovering taste and texture anomalies when processing into and storing within the (then) new materials.


                                                          Maybe the flavour change will come later though ... who knows?


                                                          FWIW I have yet another non BI application that I uas quite a lot and on 2 Win 7 machines - one desktop and one notebook. It's a higher end product of its type from a well respected company and does a great job. Except sometimes it just crashes or does things I don't expect it to do and it didn't do the last time I performed the same function.


                                                          I suspect theat it has memory management issues (sometimes I get messages that suggest this ...) or maybe can only deal with a certain number of files (or total size of files) in a folder. Not sure.  There are some other issues as well all of which look like they really should not exist  - basic stuff. I'm wondering of its newer version, whcih has not been available for some time, improves on those aspects without introducing others. It may be time, soon, to find out. But I'm not in any hurry to dive in at the moment since it is personal use stuff and so offers no evident direct business benefit that I can think of although it might end up consuming my time.