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    Problem posting wide report

    Nancy10 _

      Before I can explain my real problem, I'm having trouble posting a wide report. I've read the sticky post explaining how to post reports. I'm using the CODE and /CODE tags, both enclosed in square brackets. When I paste in my wide report, the lines wrap and it becomes indecipherable. If it weren't a wide report, I could post it without any difficulty.


      How can I fix this?


      Thank you.



        • Problem posting wide report
          Grant Perkins



          How wide is wide (in characters)?


          I don't recall there being a problem in the past but it is just possible that the new theme has a parameter set to limit the overall width of attachment displays.


          If the wrapping is fairly consistent based on character width you could try posting it anyway  - with guidance about how things should be - and we can see if it can be adjusted. I suggest we try that first and seek an alternative approach if it's unsuccessful.