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    ExportTable() with Append

    perlfred _



      i have Monarch 4.02.


      When i export a Table to a csv File with the Monarch Programm, i can use the File-Option append!!!


      I will sam with the ExportTable() - Function (or another Function).


      The ExportTable()-Function always overwrite the existing File!!!! I can not append Data!


      I have not idea.


      Can you help?



        • ExportTable() with Append
          Grant Perkins

          Hello perlfred and welcome to the forum.


          It is a very long time since I used Monarch V4 and I really cannot remember details about what it could do and what it could not do.


          There are some other forum members who will have used V4 (and earlier) versions but they may face the same problems with remembering.


          I still have a ciopy of V4 around somewhere but not installed on a machine and not easily accessible.


          If you have an opportunity to upgrade many of the recent versions of Monarch have very much enhanced features - especially the 'Pro' versions - and allow exports to append or overwrite with user controls.


          I hope this information is of interest  - I am sorry it is not more helpful.



          Grant Perkins

            • ExportTable() with Append
              perlfred _

              Hi Grant Perkins!


              Thank you for your answer!


              My problem is in Monarch Version 9 Prof. exactly the same!


              In JetExportTable is determined by AppendFlag only how to proceed with tables/sheets, not like the export file[/B] itself.


              As I had already described, the program itself can append data already in Version 4


              If you had an approach now?


              Thanks again for Fred.

                • ExportTable() with Append
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Fred,


                  According to the v10 Help file, the option




                  introduced in V8 allows you to set the file option for the command line export with values "overwrite", "add", and "skip".


                  So it looks like v4 might not allow you to do what you need, but v9 should without a problem.


                  One alternative might be to export a.csv, then export b.csv, then create a new file just using the DOS command copy to merge the files:


                  copy /a a.csv + b.csv c.csv[/CODE]


                  MfG aus Thuringen,



                    • ExportTable() with Append
                      perlfred _

                      Hi Olly Bond!


                      Thank you for your many notes!


                      I might have the same need to communicate that I am on the Monarch - access type library and can only use the methods and properties contained therein. See Monarch Programmer's Guide.


                      My idea was just meaning that if the Monarch program (from V4!) can append data to an existing export file, this means the methods of the type library but also should go.


                      For higher versions of Monarch can I initialize a monarch-like project where the "Files-Attachments"option is defined so, and (have) then run this.


                      Nevertheless, thank you again for your help!





                      Vielen Dank für deine vielen Hinweise!!


                      Ich hätte vielleicht gleich mitteilen müssen, dass ich auf die Monarch - Type Library zugreife und somit nur die darin enthaltenen Methoden und Properties verwenden kann. Siehe Monarch Programmer's Guide.


                      Meine Überlegung ging nur dahin, dass, wenn das Monarch-Programm (ab V4!!!) Daten an eine bestehende Export-Datei anhängen kann, dies mittels der Methoden der Type Library doch auch gehen sollte.


                      Für höhere Monarch-Versionen kann ich gleich ein Monarch-Projekt initalisieren, in dem die "Datei-Anhänge-Option" ja definierbar ist, und dieses dann ausführen (lassen).


                      Trotzdem nochmals vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!