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    Header with different number of lines

    abowen19 _

      I have a report in a  PDF where the header is either 7 or 8 rows at the top of each page.  There's no set pattern.  It's random.  Is there a way I can establish and capture the entire thing?


      The top row has the company name,  which seems to be capturing fine throughout (it's a big file of about 200 some odd pages) and the last row of the header has -

      all across it, so it's easily defined.   The  problem is that the date in the header is too far off one of the margins that sometimes it spills over to the next row, thus creating the extra row in the header.   I do not have the source file, only the PDF itself.

        • Header with different number of lines
          Grant Perkins

          First question - have you experimented with the adjustment settings for the PDF extraction in order to try to eliminate the wrapping?


          From what you wrote a fix for the wrap should make the header consistent  so far as you can tell - is that correct?

            • Header with different number of lines
              abowen19 _

              Experiment how? 


              As for your second question, I would assume so.  In looking at the PDF itself closer, it's actually not creating another line.  Two pieces of text are actually overlapping eachother, which Monarch is reading as an extra line.


              So basically, the last line of the header in the PDF is -

              but it also has a word or words written over those dotted lines.

                • Header with different number of lines
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello abowen,


                  PDFs are tricky to describe and to diagnose as you can't post them here in the forum.


                  If you'd like me to have a quick look at it then I'd be happy to help, just email it over.


                  Best wishes,



                    • Header with different number of lines
                      Grant Perkins

                      I would be tempted to take up Olly's offer is possible.


                      Failing that  - there are some featues of the PDF import that are intended to be used, experimentally, to help where possible with PDF files that offer special challanges. Sadly many do. The features allow some control over adjustments for types of fonts, output spacing and so on. I would recommend having a look at thos options to see if they can be made to help with your line wrap problem. For initial guidance check out the Help file section related to Importing PDF files - it can tell you more than I can!