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    Datapump v11.4 job log query

    Alca _



      Runninig a job via Datapump, and part of the log contains this message:


      Loaded project file "D:\Processes\DAILY_TB_CYB_SOLO_S166\cyb_all_corps.xprj".    

      Export cyb_all_corps: Skipped because job refers to an invalid object. /B


      The export seems to complete, so I'm not sure what this refers to..


      any ideas?





        • Datapump v11.4 job log query
          Olly Bond

          Hello Alan,


          There's a space in \cyb_all_corps .xprj" which might be doing odd things to DataPump's brain.


          Can you send me the whole log file?


          Best wishes,



            • Datapump v11.4 job log query
              Alca _

              Hi Olly,


              Checked, no spaces in the project itself, it just appears to be the job log..ill come back to it!!


              another thing altogether, (and this is gonna sound pretty vague!)


              1 process on v8.5.2.2.datapump runs, and exports 25 projects into a 125 page workbook full of excel formulae. Process runs fine.


              same process set up on server datapump in test, projects and models saved in v11.4 monarch. server runs and exports as normal to a test region to a copy of the production workbook. formulae dont refresh!! calcluation type in excel is set to automatic.


              is there something in v11 Monarch or V11 Datapump that has to be configured? Im completely at a loss with this. The projects have pasted the data in correctly. iv checked the field types which are as they should be (character, etc)


              Having a seriously hard time with this, why does it work on a lesser version of monarch/datapump? on the upgrade, im asking the same thing of the projects.


              Completely bizarre, and not sure whether the issue is Monarch or Excel!!! - Please tell me you have seen this before, because I havent!


              forgot to say, job log comes back with no errors. None whatsoever. All inputs, exports, post processing scripting etc all reads fine, and everything looks great till you open the workbook..


              Opening this one up to the entire forum, any takers?????

                • Datapump v11.4 job log query
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Alan,


                  I'd appreciate a copy of the job log with 25 projects - are you running it as "one project per job" or as "multiple projects per job"?


                  What version of Excel is running here? What bitness of Office? Are the file timestamps correct as per the job log?


                  How many more models and projects are there to migrate? Would it help to call us in to help on site for a few days?


                  All the best,