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    Need help with data extraction (template)

    netadmin _

      Hi, I need help with data extraction with Templates.  I have done quite a few but this one baffles me.  I need the 6 digits on the first line and comments  in the following lines.  Problem is that the number of lines varies.  The only delimiter is the line of dashes -



      123456    Ben 555-5555

                     no comments


      546598    Chuck 555-5555

                     must order with PO
      cannot order during weekends
      must be authorized by Marcel


      789465     Stephane 555-5555

                       only send GCG drywall




      I have several pages to extract.  How can I do this ?

      PS: The lines starting with  are indented about 10 characters from the left margin.  Not as show in this example.