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    calculated field with (Null)

    Mauricio _

      I have been getting problem by the time that I subtract column A, with less keyword that column B (from External Lookups). I got an (Null) on calculated Field although the column A has a number, i.e. 1 - (Null) = (Null). I need that the calculated Field shows 1 - (Null) = 1 instead of (Null), then I could apply the filter <> 0  too as per summary.

        • calculated field with (Null)
          Olly Bond

          Hello Mauricio and welcome,


          You can use the isnull() function to determine whether A or B is Null and adjust accordingly.


          To get around this issue, edit your calculated field like this:




          If you need to test for A or B being null, then you might need to nest a few more If(Isnull... statements. Another approach is to make a field A2:




          and B2:




          and then define the output field as:




          Hope this helps,