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    Export Wizard will not save

    Herson's Honda

      So I just upgraded to version 10 and through the tip of the day it suggested using Export Wizard.  I set the export up exactly how it said.  When I close out of Monarch and go back in, the Project Dialog box is empty?  I made sure when using Export wizard, I clicked "OK"...so I'm not sure why I am not seeing it.

        • Export Wizard will not save
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome to the forum.


          Note that there are two toolbar buttons for running exports. One is for the Export Wizard, suited for one-off exports, and the adjacent button is for project exports.


          The Export Wizard button immediately launches into a step-by-step dialog box, while the Project Export displays a dialog which lists previously defined exports. You'll need to click the New button here to add a new export routine which you'd like to perform regularly.


          Then you'll need to save the model and a project file. The model remembers your templates and filters and such, and the project remembers the data source(s) and the model that applies to the data source, and the exports that you defined.


          Then to repeat the exports daily/weekly/as needed, open the project file and run the defined project export(s).