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    Filter help

    gico1972 _

      I need some help with a problem that i have with some data. The report shows Date, Fight, Seats and Class. I have extracted this and created a Model using just these 4 fields.


      I want to filter out only dates/flights where the number of seats in "X" Class is higher than "Z" Class.


      Not sure of this makes sense however i am a relative novice at this.


      Appreciate any help.

        • Filter help
          Bill Watson

          Don't think you will be able to do what you ask in a single model. you might have to do this as a two pass process (import first file, export summarised version. import summarised to second model and filter/export final data) to get the information you need.


          I presume you have your data in a table as follows:

          Date          Fight Seats Class

          01/10/10     A      10      X

          01/10/10     A      25      Z

          01/10/10     B      30      X

          01/10/10     B      10      Z



          Create a summary for your data as follows:

          Date, Fight and Class as Key Fields, and Seats as your Measure


          Double click on Class to bring up its properties and go to the Display Tab. Select Display Values Across.


          This will give you your data in the following format:

          DATE          FIGHT   X   Z   SUM(SEATS)

          2010-10-01 A         10  25  35

          2010-10-01 B         30  10  40

          Summary               40  35  75



          Export that summary to a space delimited (or CSV as is your preference) file.

          Save and close your existing model


          Open the newly created summary.txt (or CSV) file in Monarch and create the template to extract the data into a table. You should then be easily able to add a filter "X>=Z".