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    multi step delivery system?


      Hi All,


      I've been doing some thinking over the past little while and I have a question to send out there to the community.


      Rather than reinvent the wheel for the problem I wondered if anyone else had come across this type of overall project management situation in regards to Monarch.


      In a larger corporation where multiple reports may need processing at multiple sites, we have a situation where a centralized analyst team create the Monarch projects, test them out and are accountable for distribution to the users who require them and supporting them as issues arise.


      So far, we have created batch files to run the jobs and created short cut buttons for the end users to execute them.


      This does pose a couple of challenges I'd like to overcome. Firstly, All files have to be loaded in the same directories and folders for the projects to run. Even the input reports used have to be called exactly the same in order for the batch to run and work successfully.


      Secondly, It's becoming messier for the end users to use and keep the batch files in order. When they have several projects that are run each day and more each week and month, etc. That's a lot of shortcut files for them to keep track of and use correctly.


      A solution I'm thinking of would be for some sort of overall delivery system that could be written in VBscript to cover all this. I suspect it could scan a directory or folder and come up with a selection of buttons on a gui rather than a large amount of shortcuts on the windows desktop and might keep things in better order. I suspect I could use the script to even do some sorting and controlling of the input that goes into the Monarch project, renaming and joining text files to ensure the input report file is in the correct format.


      My thoughts are a little all over the place on this and I've not fully thought through the exact details on how to get it going, but I was wondering if anyone had come across this type of situation, how it was handled or if there were any other ideas or inputs on this. :cool:

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          elginreigner _

          I do simliar processing here for our clients. For some projects, the files are named the same, for others I do use VBS to control the work flow.


          In VBS you can create the command line on the fly.


          What type of reports do your user need? Are these on demand, or could you take it away from the user and create a scheduled task that creates the reports without their interaction.


          Here is a sample vbs I have used to create trust files (generates files from our SQL server, combines values to create the command per client in the file.


          DIM Shell               'to process command line commands

          DIM prjcOMMAND, strSwitch, COMMANDLINE, strAppPath, RUNTIMEVAR

          Dim objFile, objFSO, strLine

          Dim strProjectHeader, strProjectDetail, strProjectFooter



          Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


          strAppPath = """c:\program files\monarch\program\monarch.exe"""

          strProjectHeader = """ True

               strLine = objFile.ReadLine

               RUNTIMEVAR = "/SET:" & """RUNTIME_CLIENT""" & "=" &  strline


               'HEADER RECORD

               COMMANDLINE = strAppPath & " " & strprojectheader & " " & strSwitch

               Shell.run commandline,1,True


               'DETAIL RECORD

               COMMANDLINE = strAppPath & " " & strProjectDetail & " " & "/PX:DETAIL" & " " & RUNTIMEVAR

               Shell.RUN COMMANDLINE,1,TRUE

               COMMANDLINE = strAppPath & " " & strProjectDetail & " " & "/PX:SUMMARY" & " " & RUNTIMEVAR

               Shell.Run COMMANDLINE,1,True


               'FOOTER RECORD

               COMMANDLINE = strAppPath & " " & strProjectTrailer & " " & strSwitch

               Shell.RUN COMMANDLINE,1,TRUE



          MsgBox("Trust File Completed")



          With this style , you can use the /rpt switch to change which report to user for the project.

            • multi step delivery system?
              Olly Bond

              Hello Warlok,


              I'd suggest DataPump - I know there are $ involved, but it is designed to do what you're looking for, and will save on more Monarch licences in the long run. DataPump Pro gives you a web interface so the users can start any process they need and view the job log.


              Best wishes,



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                Nick Osdale-Popa

                I have Excel macros that allow the user to set where they keep files and then allow them to correctly select the files they need. I even have unattended macros that send end reports to users.

                When I went to my first Monarch User Conference, I showed the Datawatch developers there the macros I used and they essentially told me that I created my own Datapump system. They were impressed and I was quite proud of that compliment.

              • multi step delivery system?

                I can't recomend Data Pump strongly enough for many processes that are relatively simple on a regular basis. 


                One thing to consider if you are trying to justify the cost (I think the standard version is about 10K):  If you have some users who use Monarch for nothing other than to run batch scripts and produce their reports, those licenses could be dropped if you have Data Pump.


                We have a few users who do ad-hoc analysis on a regular basis and they have their own licences. However, we have 50+ members of management who don't care to learn/use Monarch - they just want their reports in Excel.  So, we have 1 developer copy of Monarch that is used by Data Pump to create models and send the reports off to users.  Everyone is happy and we've avoided 50+ managers having their own licence (10K saved with each upgrade) plus they don't have to click on batch scripts.

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                    ZJSoule _

                    I agree with Joey.  Datapump has been incredibly useful in my organization, especially since many of my reports have huge distributions out to a field force.  Its also useful to those who aren't IT (such as myself) and have no scripting/batch experience.  Well worth the money for what my organization has gotten out of it.