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    Monarch cutting off report

    Diony _

      Good afternoon,


      I have a quick question.  I am opening a report in Monarch without a model and it is cutting of the last 35 or 40 characters of the last record.  Looking at the original file there is data in those last 35 or 40 columns of the last record.


      Here is some detail about the file.  It's .txt, has around 41,000 records and 397 columns.


      I discovered this when I was using a model against this file and exporting the file, the system that was picking up the file was erroring out. 


      Any ideas would be great.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Monarch cutting off report
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          Your file may be exceeding Monarch's 4000 characters limit.

            • Monarch cutting off report
              Grant Perkins

              Sometimes text files (presumably 'wrapped' onto more than one line per single record in the input file for Monarch) do not have an end of line or end of file 'marker' that Monarch recognises at the end of the very last line. The last line but one is recognised.


              Could this be the case here?


              If you edit a test copy of the txt file to add an extra line - a single character will do - do you get your data?


              (I am assuming you are using 'character' and 'columns' interchangeably in your description so that your record length is 397 in total.)