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    Summary export to Excel

    balc1 _

      I'm using Monarch 10.5Pro and Excel 2007.  I just recently upgraded to 10.5 Pro & now when I export to Excel, the page breaks that are fine in Monarch are not ok in Excel.  For example, if I am summarizing sales by state & want a page break after each state, the subtotal for each state shows at the beginning of the next state.  I've tried many things, but so far nothing has worked.


      What do I need to do to get these to export properly?



        • Summary export to Excel
          Data Kruncher

          On the Display tab of the summary Key field dialog, the last option is to "Insert page break when printing".


          I was able to set that option, export to Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and the page break took effect when I viewed the print preview.


          Under the Options -> Export and Clipboard settings, I also have the apply formatting to Excel files option enabled.


          Try that. Any better?

            • Summary export to Excel
              balc1 _

              Thanks for the suggestion, but I already had that checked & it still moves the subtotal for the key value to the top of the next page.  My Display tab shows:


              Insert subtotal line checked

              Insert one blank line before subtotal

              Include key value in subtotal value is checked

              Insert one blane line after each key value change

              Insert page break when printing is checked


              Also I have apply formatting to Excel files checked in the options.


              I have tried various versions of the above, but nothing has worked.  This is a model that I have had for several years and versions of Monarch.