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    bet2lay _



      I have opened a model and deleted the templates but the Detail Template is grayed out and I can't get it enabled so I can select it.  Can anyone help with this?


      Unhappy Camper:mad:

        • Template (Detail)
          Steve Caiels


          [SIZE=3]If you are sure that you have deleted all the templates and have tried closing and re-opening Monarch, I think it may be quickest to start a new model.[/SIZE][/FONT]

          [SIZE=3]If you have lots of Calculated Fields, Summaries etc, you can Import them from the broken model rather than having to create them again.  Look for the Import button in the dialogue box that you would normally use to create the items.[/SIZE][/FONT]

          [SIZE=3]By all means, PM me and send me the model and I’ll see if I can fix it with Notepad.[/SIZE][/FONT]