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    summary doesn't match table

    DMcLaughlin _

      Several times lately, when I change filters on the table and then go back into a summary, the summary doesn't change.  It still has data that has been filtered out.  I clicked on a row and then used the search function to find the corresponding data in the table, but it didn't find it (of course, because it was filtered out).  The data that is in the table is not in the summary.  Is there a way to refresh the summary?

        • summary doesn't match table
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome to the forum.


          If you want the summary and the Table data to be in sync (in a way), then you need to ensure that the filter assigned to the summary is the "Default Filter" item, not "No Filter" or any specific named filter.


          "Default Filter" for a summary really means "use the currently active filter in the Table window".