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    Monarch 10.5 Exports to Excel

    Chris Pirozzi

      We upgraded to Monarch Pro 10.2, previously using Pro V8.02 on Friday 10/1/2010.


      Since this time, having much difficulty with Project Exports and Exports in general.  We export to Excel, most of our systems are running Excel 2002.



      1)  Data looks like it exported sucessfully from Monarch.  But when you open Excel File, Export was not sucessful.  Old data still resident.


      2)  When data exports (some projects still export), Excel does not recalc.  We have may files which we dump (export) data to from Monarch.  Other worksheet sheets in file use exported data for calculations.  Since upgrade, the cells only calculate new data if we hit in the cell with calculation...


      What is causing this?  Is there an subsequent fix we need to install?  Is is our version of Excel?  If this continues, our only option will be to revert back to 8.02 and request a FULL REFUND!



        • Monarch 10.5 Exports to Excel
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Chris,


          It sounds like you've run into a bit of a variant of a couple of [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=3454"]other problems[/URL] regarding [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=3518"]exporting to Excel[/URL].


          In your case, I've built a test to duplicate the difficulty that you've described. I suspect, but will leave to you to confirm, that in the case of your item #1, you're attempting to append data to an existing worksheet.


          In my test, I was able to get the "export successful" message and see that in fact no new data had been appended to the existing worksheet. I was only able to accomplish this following these steps:


          first creating a new workbook with Monarch

          next opening the xls file and clearing the contents of many rows with the Delete key, but not actually deleting the rows themselves, and then saving the file.

          running a new Monarch export to add new data to the workbook and append data to the existing sheet.


          Monarch exports to Excel workbooks using Excel's named ranges. When someone opens Excel the workbook file and just clears the contents of the cells, without deleting the rows, this negatively affects Monarch's append exports, which Monarch reports as successful. Full overwrites of the worksheet won't be affected.


          As mentioned in one of those other threads, the best solution is to not manually modify sheets that Monarch creates/uses. Doing so is just looking for trouble with your Monarch exports.


          Regarding your problem #2, when exporting to workbooks that contain references to the values that Monarch exports, the [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=3141"]current solution /URLis to use Excel files that contain macros, and have a macro automatically issue an Application.CalculateFull command upon opening the workbook.


          No, it's not the optimal solution, but until this is resolved by a patch release or the next full version of Monarch, it's what we have available.


          These are solutions that have been adopted successfully by others, and I'd encourage your group to do the same (for now) and not give up on a lot of positives in the v10.5 upgrade because of these workaround solutions.