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    Batch file multiple report input question


      I'm trying to create a batch file that will automate a project but I'd like to be able to read in multiple reports from multiple folders. Is there a way to set up the batch file to allow this?


      i.e. the input data is coming from a master folder which contains an input folder. Inside the input folder are a series of numbered folders (think along the line of a client id) and inside each ID folder is a daily report. (all these are plain ASCII text but do not have the .txt etension on the end)


      So it would look lke C:/.../ProjectName/Input/Number1/Day1Data-Day100Data


      Is there a way to wildcard the reports being read and wildcard the folders in the batch file?

        • Batch file multiple report input question
          Bill Watson

          well I know in datapump you can have wildcards, but when you then open those projects directly in Monarch, you have to select the reports manually - monarch itself won't process wildcards.


          Personally I would look at using the API to do this (see my post in the VB thread for an example of what I mean).


          Using the api methods..

          you would start monarch

          set any runtime parameters you may have

          have a loop to set the reports (there is an append flag)

          set the model to use



          Alternatively you could have a project set to look at a dummy report (titles only), then after loading this project in monarch, use the set report functionality to add the real reports (as above)


          I think for what you seem to want to do, your batch file will possibly/probably end up being much more complex than a vbscript would be.