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    Monarch breaking the page at the wrong spot

    DannyCMui _

      Hi, I have an issue with Monarch breaking the page at the wrong spot.  I have this page of data partial shown below


              9 M-F          5-9A         30 NOV22-NOV26   1W           2    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                                               

      10 M-F          5-9A         30 NOV29-DEC03   1W           8    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                                               

      11 M-F          5-9A         30 DEC06-DEC17   2W           6    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                                               

         12 M-F          5-9A         30 DEC20-DEC24   1W           2    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                                               


             13 M-F          5-9A         30 DEC27-DEC31   1W           4    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                                               

      14 M-F          5-9A         30 JAN03-JAN07   1W           7    

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                 


      This should be part of one page, but when I view the page in Monarch, it shows a page break between the 12 M-F line and the ?PGM (I've bolded the lines in question) Below is the condition codes according to Monarch


             12 M-F          5-9A         30 DEC20-DEC24   1W           2           5      0

                ?PGM=AM NEWS                                                               6      0

                                                                                      6      0



      I'm not sure if my calculated field is correct, I've included the formulas below.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!


      Style:     Formula-based


      IF(instr("                                         Invoice",detail)=1,line()+8, 

      IF(instr("Run on",detail),line()+7,

      IF(instr("Summary bill",detail),line()+7,0)))


      Style:     Formula-based