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    Missing Data

    elginreigner _

      I am missing data from lines 1 and 2 of an excel file. Anyone encounter this before?


      Hmmm, for some stupid reason, I thought I could attach a picture. Guess that makes too much sense.


      Example: 2 columns, 5 rows


      Column M                         Column N

      RP Employer                      Charge Date

      Charge amount                  Balance Due



      $50.00                             $50.00



      The heading names are missing. I have specified each fields as text and still does not read the text, only displays the number. I know Monarch is reading the text because I can use it has a heading, in this case I am not.


      Edit - Odd, White space can't be used in Datawatch forums?

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          Data Kruncher



          Paste your sample between the[noparse] and /code tags[/noparse].


          No, we cannot post attachments such as pictures. Try posting images an online service like PhotoBucket and then linking to your pictures. It's better to have text samples that we can copy to work with though, usually.


          Are you reading your Excel file in as a database source?

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              elginreigner _



              I updated the original post with the code tags. Yes, it is being used as a database source.

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                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Elgin,


                  If the Excel file contained structured data, where each row resembled every other, and each column contained one field with a consistent data type, then it could usefully be opened as a database. Monarch's great strength is that it allows you to parse reports which aren't in a structured data format, and to do this you need to get the data into a different format than Excel. I think you'd be best served by exporting the Excel file to text, PDF or XPS and then opening it as a report and using templates to extract your data.


                  I'm sure that Kruncher will have some Excel code to hand to help automate the export from Excel...


                  Best wishes,



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                      elginreigner _

                      Olly, that is a great idea. I can handle all of the code I need automate the conversion. Thanks.


                      FYI. I did reach out to support. Who as always wants the file, in this case its medical as always, and I cannot give them the file. Next, they requested I alter the data and then send them the file. Seriously, how would me changing the data help resolve the problem when the data is the problem? Oh well, I'm just ranting. Thanks guys for the quick follow-up.