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    Accessing Job Logs from Global Function?

    Bill Watson

      I have been testing a vb.net script to email files via lotus notes automation. This has been working well in the postprocess section of the dummy process i have been using. I have now moved the whole script and associated assemblies to a function in the global script.


      Have tested calling this function in a process and it works well, however I have had to comment out all instances of log.addevent() because i was getting the following error when trying to compile the function:


      Compiler error: #30451 of severity 0 on line 88: Name 'log' is not declared.


      My questions is how do I do get a function in the global script to add events to the log of the process from which it is being called?


      I know I will need to obtain the joblog id to pass to the function but what object do i need to define in the function to access the associated log to use the .addevent method?