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    Use Datapump to open and process in Access

    April Davis

      Good morning,

      Has anyone been successful in getting datapump to open up an instance of Access, process a job (currently, that happens by pushing a button in the database) and closing access using datapump?  Right now, I have a very manual process that takes several steps to complete, but I'm not sure where to start with automating it.  The whole process works as follows:

      Files are dumped to datapump and an email is generated, telling me that the job is ready to run

      I open up an access database and push a button to generate reports

      Datapump monitors for these reports and an email is generated

      I open the reports in excel and run a macro on them.

      I email out the final report.

      Any ideas on automating the manual parts of this process would be greatly appreciated.


        • Use Datapump to open and process in Access

          Data Pump dumps as normal, but instead of an email to you, it calls a batch script in the post process code.  In the batch script, it calls your database with the command line to execute a macro in the database.  The macro that you will need to set up in Access will turn off  warnings, then generate the reports (execute the code behind the button you push), and finaly exit Access. 


          Another Data Pump process gathers the reports by monitoring for them and dumps them to Excel. Again, in the post process, call a batch script which calls your Excel macro.


          email can be done by VBA if you would prefer, but it is probably easier to have the export of the second Data Pump job send out a link to the report or attach it. The email happens after the post export, so your macro changes should be finished before the email is sent out.