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    The "Secret" is out!

    Data Kruncher

      I urgently need your valuable input.


      I'd really appreciate it if you could please take a moment now to learn about [URL="http://********************/tips/my-secret-project"]my "secret" project[/URL], and quickly answer the single question that I've asked.



        • The "Secret" is out!
          elginreigner _



          I wouldnt know how to answer your question. I'm in a different grouping than your average Monarch user, I'm a programmer and data analyst, which I would hope to put me above the average user. And to make it worse, I actually had the 2500$ Monarch training from George Hoffman at Datawatch(worth every penny if you have the $ to throw at it.)


          But my best guess would be trap understanding and how the level of traps (detail/append/footer) apply to each other. Every user I have helped internally, this has been their biggest issues to grasp.