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    Monarch Pro V7 & Windows 7

    su-san _

      Anyone current set up on Monarch Pro V7 and Windows 7?


      I'm having issues exporting into Excel 2007.



        • Monarch Pro V7 & Windows 7
          Data Kruncher

          I don't believe that Windows 7 plays a role here. Others had trouble with older versions of Monarch exporting to Excel 2007 using XP or Vista.


          The issues concerning exporting to Excel 2007 from Monarch versions less than v9 (which supported only .xlsx files) or v10.5 (which supports .xlsx and .xlsm) are pretty well documented in this forum, especially in regards to copying from Monarch and pasting in Excel 2007. Simply put, it won't work well. The answer there is to export to .xls or .xlsx instead of copying.


          But if you're really exporting to Excel files, what is the precise nature of your problem? What's happening? Or what's not happening that you expect will?