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    Work Sheet Print Area in Excel

    Dave-G _

      In Monarch v10.5, I created an Export summary with 5 sheets. On the 3rd sheet, I did an append to this 3rd sheet. I saved the file as xlsx and attached the file to an email. The user was able to open the file and view all the sheets. On the 3rd sheet, when the user went to do a print, the last line that I appended in Monarch does not appear automatically within the print area. I can change the print area to include the last line and print all the data. Just wondering, if Monarch is defaulting the print area when I do a summary report and why is the last appended line excluded from the print area in Excel?

        • Work Sheet Print Area in Excel
          Data Kruncher

          It looks as if Monarch only defines the print area for new sheets, and won't alter the defined print area for subsequent appends. I can't dream up a Monarch based solution for this one.


          User training is probably your best option, but you could build a macro (in the personal macros) to customize the print range for any given worksheet in workbook as necessary and save and close the file and email it to your user, all at the click of a button in your toolbar.