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    PDF export question

    samoore _

      I am trying to export my summaries in the Pdf format with Page Headers. It works manually but when I run a job I get the following error? Any suggestions?


      Failed: DwchServer.ExporterFailureException: Exporter method RunAllExports returned false. at DwchServer.JobHandler.a(MpExportClass A_0, JobLog A_1, Int32 A_2) at DwchServer.JobHandler.a()


      time  2010-08-19T10:53:27

      alert  SystemAlertJobFailed






        • PDF export question

          Try logging in as the admin who the data Pump service runs under, unmapping network drives, and running the job manually.  See if you get an error message.

            • PDF export question
              samoore _

              Thanks Joey it worked by unmapping the input file location but is there a way for this to work the other way?

                • PDF export question
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Scott,


                  We've had the same problem - users have a drive mapped to W:\DATAPUMP\ and when their projects and models and processes contain a reference to this, they fail to run automatically. The DataPump service account can't recognise the drive mapping, but it can find the files OK if we change the references to the full UNC path: