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    Multiple Columns in pdf

    juliomella _

      I have a pdf report for which I want to create a reusable model. The problem is that everyday the number of columns may be different and so the size of the columns

        • Multiple Columns in pdf
          Olly Bond

          Hello Julio,


          This is fine in Monarch, subject to certain conditions about non-empty cells in your columns, and even the variable width and number of the columns should be OK, as long as the maximum number of columns does not exceed 40.


          There's a detailed explanation of how to handle variable width MCR in the July 2008 newsletter, but essentially, you define columns 1 character wide, way over in the right hand margin. You trap normally and select a the whole data line as one field, commonly called . Then you extract the value you need for each row of your table using lsplit(intrim();maxparts;" ";Column()).


          You can then filter out unnecessary lines and clean things up as required, but I'd advise you to build some error checking in there as this approach won't let you verify fields using Monarch's normal verify function. With DataPump you can select some advanced verification options based on filtered row counts in the table - which might be helpful!


          If you have a sample PDF you can email over to olly@greenbar.info[/email] I'll happily confirm whether it's suitable for this approach.


          Best wishes,