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    join data source is either missing or invalid

    JSnoop _

      Hi Everyone,


      I am using an older version of Monarch pro (8.01) and recently had a complete hard-drive failure. I was running XP and now I'm running Vista. Once I had everything installed some of my external lookups do not work. I have search all around and I think it may be due to the Jet Format for Excel. I played with the registry settings and set the format to all the possible verisions, reboot, then try again with the same model and no luck. I have even created a simple model from scratch to make sure the models were not corrupt.


      Has anyone seen this or have any ideas? I can do the same same slowly with SQL in Access but it would take longer and there are several models that would need to be fixed. I'm waiting on funding for the latest version which I hope would fix this but that is months away.