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    Field Alignment

    guyporter _

      I have a report where I have been unable to correctly match up the account number on the left with the invoice data on the right. The sample  looks a bit like this


      Account  Numbers/date





                  •                   04/06/2010


                  •                   18/06/2010


                  •                   21/06/2010





                    •                   01/06/2010



      I have successfully trapped the data and in part the account numbers. In the report table however the account number referrs to the data below not the correct data above so using the numbers above account number A261 aligns with the date21/06/10 and not 01/06/10 that it should.

      (ignore the***** - it was the only way I could get the alignment in the post - maybe this is a general problem I am having today!)

      The report contains varied lines of data for each account number and I need to get the correct alignment.

      I have searched the forum but cannot find a relevant answer - Can you experts help?


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          guyporter _

          I feel like a bit of a muppet, I solved the problem by using a Footer rather than an append trap. I neved expected Monarch to have a simple answer!

          Still sometimes you are the statue and sometimes you are the pigeon

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              Olly Bond

              Hello Guy,


              Well done for answering your own post before any of us reached it You're dead right that the footer is the right way to go. If things got trickier with some entries not having an account number, then you might want to consider upgrading to v10 in order to make use of the "stop template on..." options.


              Best wishes,