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    MRE issues

    chickenjoy _

      I am trying to install MRE 5.0 for a user but do not want to give them local admin rights.  I am getting the mfwfil32.dll error as well as other wierd glitches within report explorer 5.  Could someone let me know what permissions need to be changed and where.  The forums kept saying it is permissions but could not find out what permissions I needed to change. Thanks a lot for your help

        • MRE issues
          Olly Bond

          Hello chickenjoy,


          Assuming the user has Acrobat Reader installed, then they could get their reports delivered as PDF files, with the tree functionality rendered as bookmarks. This won't work for report files with more than 65,000 tree entries, and requires Monarch v8 or maybe v9 (I think) to generate the reports as PDFs.


          Not a solution to your question, I'm afraid, but perhaps a helpful temporary workaround?


          Best wishes,