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    PDF report

    karen123 _


      When I try to open my PDF report I get an error message that  "report name" is not a valid pdf file". it will be opened as plain text. When it opens in plain text it is in an unreadable format. Sample below


      <</Filter/FlateDecode/Length 912>>stream 

      ÎM'!É@ ¶Êä�É                             


      Ubš -½                                   





      Let me know if you can help. I read in an earlier thread about resaving the report in Adobe but we do not have that software.


        • PDF report
          Olly Bond

          Hello Karen,


          Are you using Monarch v10.5? Your profile says v9 - so perhaps it's just that the version of PDF is newer than what Monarch v9 can handle.


          You could (should) upgrade, but if you want to check beforehand that v10.5 will solve the problem, and can share the PDF with me, then please feel free to email me on olly@greenbar.info[/email] and I'll check for you.


          Best wishes,