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    Export Problems Monarch 10.5 - Row count exceeds max records

    Oli _


      I've got a Problem wih the export function with the export wizzard.

      I use Excel 2007 and Monarch 10.5 under Win XP.


      I want to export the summary. If the keyfield value in the first colum of the summary window changes -> export a file and name it like the key value


      This I use with a tick "Each distinct value of the first key makes a separate file or table".


      My problem is, when I start the export by using the file extenstion *.xls Monarch stopps with a error message "Row count exceeds maximum records (65535) for this format.


      But, all expected destination files (400) - after the export - won't have exceeding lines bigger than 65535.

      The summary window in Monarch in total has 70212 row records. What can I do to receive the approxamtely 400 files in xls-format without getting such a error message.


      Thanks in advance



        • Export Problems Monarch 10.5 - Row count exceeds max records
          Olly Bond

          Hallo Oli,


          One way to work around it might be to filter the data that is in the summary, so that, for example, all key values beginning with 0-5, or A-M, appear in one filtered view, and the rest in another.


          Then define two project exports from the summary, each using one filter, both exporting on unique key values. As the filters will ensure distinct key values, there's no danger of the exports over-writing each other.


          I agree it's odd that Monarch stops to check the row limit for the format like this, but I can see the sense in it, as what would happen if one day you had only one key value and that file contained over 65,000 records? Perhaps it would be better to check the record count for every key value, but that might take a lot of time.


          Good luck, and schönes Wochenende...