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    Monarch Pro 6.01 version floating trap not working

    monarchnewbie _

      Good afternoon.


      Going thru Learning Guide: Lesson 4, page 75, step 5.

      After the left bracket is entered in the trap box the box color does not change from white to yellow = trap not working properly.

      Please advise.

      Thank you!

        • Monarch Pro 6.01 version floating trap not working
          Data Kruncher

          Hello monarchnewbie, and welcome to the Monarch forum.


          I don't have the v6 Learning Guide handy, but I'll assume that you're going through the weblog exercise.


          The thing to remember about floating traps is you generally[/I] want to setup traps that appear on the left side of all of the data that you want to extract with that template, and then optionally have a trap for characters that appear on the right side of your data, so as to terminate the extraction. Terminating the trap helps to capturing data of varying widths easily.


          Usual steps: define the trap, click the Floating Trap checkbox, then paint your fields in the sample line.