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    Backwards compatibility

    ChuckG _

      I am using Monarch Pro 9.01.  Some of my clients are using older versions i.e. with model extensions of .mod.  Is there any way for me to recreate a model they can use – or a way, besides upgrading, they can convert my model to work for them?


      There must be other users like me in a similar situation.  Someone somewhere must have created a way to perform a backward / forward conversion.  I’m hoping….


      Any information will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

        • Backwards compatibility
          Olly Bond

          Hello Chuck,


          The only version of Monarch that could write models in both formats was Monarch v7.  From v8 onwards, models could only be saved in the new xmod format.


          The best thing the clients should do is upgrade, as v8 and earlier are out of support by now, and won't cope with modern Excel formats or versions of Windows.


          But if they need to stick with legacy applications, then you'll need to find a copy of Monarch v7 from somewhere.