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    Jet database internal error 3292

    smattice _

      I would appreciate any help I'm a new user to Monarch.  I am using a mod that someone else created.  Ofcourse he is no longer with the company.  So I can't ask him any questions.

      Here is the full error.

      Jet databasee internal error:(3292) Syntax error in field definition.


      I don't know where to look.  :o



      Thanks Shirley

        • Jet database internal error 3292
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Shirley,


          What is the file format that your attempting to have Monarch create for you?


          Are you using the same computer that he used to use? If you're using a different computer, your computer may have a different (older?) version of Microsoft's Jet data access "drivers".



            • Jet database internal error 3292
              Olly Bond

              Hello Shirley,


              Depending on what version of Monarch you have, (I think v7 or v8 introduced these) you'll have an audit trail showing changes. Might be worth looking in the File menu, then clicking on Project and Model Information, then selecting the Model link and scrolling down. You might see that someone changed a field name sometime - my hunch is that someone introduced a space which might be triggering the conflict Kruncher suggests about Jet versions...





                • Jet database internal error 3292
                  Data Kruncher

                  Suspecting a "bad" character, I experimented briefly before posting with commas and spaces, but I couldn't get it to create an error.


                  Maybe a semi-colon or a colon?

                  • Jet database internal error 3292
                    Grant Perkins

                    A syntax error occurred in the field definition of a CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statement.[/B]

                    Possible causes:[/B]


                    [B]A reserved word or argument name is misspelled or missing.[/B]

                    [B]Punctuation is incorrect.[/B]


                    Is this occuring as you open the model or at some other point in the process?


                    Are you certain that what you are using is the most recently correctly working model?


                    Are there any other clues about exactly which field is presenting the problem?