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      We are using Monarch (Monarch 10.5 and Data Pump 10.5) to do an external lookup to an Oracle database.  One of the columns we need is encrypted and must be decrypted.  In SQL this is accomplished by using an Oracle function within a select statement.   Is it possible to call this Oracle function, or execute the select statement, from Monarch (or Data Pump)?  If so, do you have an example you would be willing to share?  Thanks.

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          Data Kruncher

          I really should steer clear of things that I have no experience with, such as this, but does [URL="http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/utilities/pdf/datapump10g_encryptcol.pdf"]this document[/URL] provide any hints/direction for you at all?

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              Thanks for the reference.  Unfortunately that’s not going to help in this case.  I was hoping there was something built into Monarch either at the main table level (Open Database…) or the external lookup level that would just “handle” this in the process of accessing the data.  Now I’m thinking that I need to move more in the direction of a Monarch Data Pump pre-process VB script that will submit my SQL, to Oracle, that builds a work table with the data I need, including the unencrypted version of the one column, and then use Monarch to access the work table on Oracle.  I'll jump over to the Data Pump forum and see if anyone has any example scripts.  Thanks for your time.